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Our Programs


The “Stuart Vener Tells it Like It Is” Television Show, like his Radio Show offers an eclectic blend of information for his listeners. Each week he brings individuals to talk about their area of expertise.

These experts range from political guests to musicians and artists. He brings the news of today to the listeners in a fun and engaging way.

Stuart is a lighthearted host who loves to have fun and that is what made his show such a success thus far.

To best describe his show, it is like the wit of Groucho Marx, the intelligence of Elmer Fudd, the sophistication of Soupy Sales and the maturity of Captain Kangaroo.




Heather Ann Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss, is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies and marketing. Since marketing her first online business in 1999, bringing together clients and personal coaches, she has played an active role in the online marketing world since before most even had a home computer.

In 2006 she started, developed and grew an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months. Starting without a list, a product, a name or an offer, Heather Ann molded her client into a successful guru now known as an expert in his field.

Heather Ann has been named by a few as an ‘Icon Creator’ or the ‘Wizard Behind the Curtain’. She has instructed, coached and promoted hundreds of entrepreneurs leading them down the path to success. She has produced and managed over 350 seminars and events and hosted tele-seminars with many top online thought leaders such as Richard Flint, John Alanis, Susan Bratton, Alicia Lyttle, Tom Antion, Alex Mandossian, Legend Joe Sugarman, Anthony Blake, David Lakhani, Robert Shemin and many others.

Heather Ann Havenwood is smart, sexy, savvy and now stepping out from behind the curtain to educate, enlighten and empower women entrepreneurs to grow or start an online business and live a fearless and fulfilled life.





Todd began his trading career in 1980 at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He traded in many pits including BMY, IBM, and many other equities. Todd was one of the original traders in the OEX and he helped start the SPX. He is a member the the Chicago Mercantile Exhange where he trades S+P futures as well as foreign currencies. Todd then continued to tradeelectronically while developing other businesses including manufacturing and marketing products for the chain stores: Walmart, Sears, Kmart, and many others. From 2002 – present day, Todd is a member of Chicago Board of Trade where hetraded in the Dow Bond and Grain Pits.

He joined CWS trading in 2004 as managing director and CFO. CWS is a boutique proprietary trading firm that specializes in index, futures, options, and spreading.

Todd has enjoyed a successful thirty year business career, that has taken him all over the financial map. He went from a top marketing representative for Pitney Bowes, to trading on the floor of the world’s major future and options exchanges, to negotiating multimillion dollar merchandising contracts in all parts of the world.

Currently, Todd is devoting his full time to trading the markets and training traders of all levels on Stock, Option, and Commodities.







with Tamala J. Coleman

Tamala Coleman was born on September 2, 1968 in Nurenberg, Germany. She now resides in Powder Springs, Georgia on the outskirts of Atlanta. Tamala began writing as a young girl and has always felt something on the inside to write and to encourage others.

In 2007 Tamala authored her first poetry book “Spiritual Expressions” and this further led her to write more books “Divine Women of God” a devotional for women and then a children’s book “Donovan Shoes”. Her latest book “Woman in the Mirror” was released in 2017 in which she continues to promote. This book resignates close to her heart as a woman who was challenged as a youngster with bullying in school and who also did not feel she was worthy or beautiful. The Woman In the Mirror speaks to other women who battle with their external beauty vs. internal beauty.

In 2012 Tamala wrote and Co-Directed her First Stage Play "Lord Change My Heart" under MoveNewz Productions which also became her first Short Film. She later wrote and produced and directed her second stage play but this time under her own Production Company TC Praise Productions, "He Who Finds a Wife, Finds a Good Thing" stageplay was a success.

Currently, Tamala is a Co-Author of her next book "Unleashing Travails" alongside other brilliant Authors, as well as producing her third stageplay for 2018 “Picking Up the Pieces” and starting a weekly radio show entitled “Spiritually Speaking with Tamala Coleman. The dream continues!

Tamala attended Ames International Biblical Ministry School in 2011, where she earned a Diploma/Certification in Biblical Studies and holds a General Ministerial License through Ames Biblical College. She enjoyes teaching and encouraging others with the word of God and uses every opportunity to bring good tidings to others.







This is the World-wide #1 Fortune 500 Podcast and Inc Magazine Top Podcast for Next-Gen Leadership and Business Families! Dov Baron's Leadership and Loyalty Show focuses on inspiring those who lead to live deeply meaningful, purpose driven lives that are heart, soul and mind aligned. So that you can have not only the success, but also the fulfilment that allows you to make the massive difference you came here to make, and be an extraordinary leader with a cult like following!

What could it mean to you, your organization or family business to step into the highest form of your SOUL Purpose and become a Truly authentic leader? Host: Dov Baron was sighted by Inc Magazine Top100 Leadership Speakers to Hire. He is a Bestselling Author: Focused on Equipping The Millennial Generation in Family Businesses for Leadership. Unfortunately, many of those in leadership positions today will never know the true power and value of being an emotional intelligent, authentic leader.

Such a leader has massive impact in creating a Fiercely Loyal team, organization and customers. Part of Authentic leadership is understanding how to effectively develop and reveal your own "Full Monty Story" and assisting your team in doing the same, so that those they lead will also become Fiercely Loyal. Discover More About Dov Baron and Full Monty Leadership.








Michael L. Brown is the founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry in Concord, North Carolina, Director of the Coalition of Conscience, and host of the daily, nationally, syndicated talk radio show, the Line of Fire, as well as the host of the apologetics TV show, “Answering Your Toughest Questions,” which airs on the NRB TV network. He became a believer in Jesus 1971 as a sixteen year-old, heroin-shooting, LSD-using Jewish rock drummer. Since then, he has preached throughout America and around the world, bringing a message of repentance, revival, reformation, and cultural revolution.

He holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University and has served as a visiting or adjunct professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Charlotte), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Fuller Theological Seminary, Denver Theological Seminary, the King’s Seminary, and Regent University School of Divinity, and he has contributed numerous articles to scholarly publications, including the Oxford Dictionary of Jewish Religion and the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament.





Know Pain, Know Gain--Entrepreneurship Made Real

with Jay Rooke

The show features fireside chats with leaders who have a story worth sharing and lessons worth hearing. Fans will gain insider insights and applicable takeaways about the entrepreneurial journey not found in MBA programs. We’ll cover their background and passions and explore their gristmill moments of entrepreneurship.

Join us to explore and navigate the dark moments of entrepreneurship such as running out of money, spouse leaving, picking up side work, impostor syndrome, etc. as well the upsides such as best advice ever given, "what I know now that I wish I knew then", and beating the inner-critic! The road to success is hard enough. Don't make things harder than they need to be--know pain, know gain!






Starring Melissa Foxx, Lizzie Said What & Porn Star Pete with Mr. Punchline and Linda Nunez

Connections is a relationship show featuring hosts Melissa Foxx, Lizzie Said What, Porn Star Pete, Mr. Punchline and Linda Nunez who form an honest and easy-to-relate-to team that has built a passionately loyal fan base.

Each show tackles a lifestyle or relationship topic relevant to people interested in improving themselves, dealing with the ups and downs of life and those interested in spicing up their relationships. The team, along with special guest hosts, share stories and connect the topics with humor to current events in entertainment, politics, culture, and sports.






Starring CaDori

Conversations with countless women through the years fueled the mother of five’s passion to share that same message in her new book with other women who put their needs on the back burner to support others.

CaDori encourages women to reevaluate their day-to-day activities and the people that they include in their innermost circle, advice she has begun to take in her own life. “I have also placed myself at the top of the majority of my to-do lists the majority of the time. I now hold myself accountable for my own well-being both physically and mentally,” shared CaDori.






About The Sporting Edge

The Sporting Edge is the next generation of sports talk radio. Hosts Xander & Roz bring uncommon insights and interviews each week featuring clutch players, coaches, and analysts from both the major and collegiate leagues. The Sporting Edge broadcasts each Saturday morning.




Worldwide Ministry of Making A Difference Network

Dr. J, ND, TH.D, PH. D

Welcome to the Worldwide Ministry of Making A Difference Network (MADN) ! We hope to help make a difference in your life in every way the Lord allows. If you are a serious student of the Bible, we have exciting news for you.

MADN has arranged for you to receive a Bible College Degree from Riverside International Bible College totally tuition FREE. Simply enroll using the form on this page, then click the college tab above to begin.

You will find the course study material and the video classroom lecture, all provided to you at NO cost. For additional information, Prayer Request or other needs. Please email us at






Dr. Georgianna Donadio is a Relationships Expert, Best Selling Author & Media Personality Who Helps People Get More Out of Life Using Effective, Hospital Researched Communication Skills.

For over 35 years, Dr. Georgianna Donadio has been a pioneer in the field of behavioral health, working with healthcare professionals and patients to change behaviors that lead to improved health.

Her pioneering work is the foundation for the Amazon #1 Best Selling book, Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Easy-to-Learn, Proven Communication Skills (SoulWork Press, 2012 and 2017).





About Relationships 2.0

On Relationships 2.0, Dr. Michelle Skeen interviews guests who present their unique perspectives and expertise on topics that cover all aspects of relationships. The authors and experts she chats with offer advice and tips for understanding ourselves and others better.

Michelle Skeen has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, and completed her postdoctoral work at the University of California, San Francisco. She received her BA and MA from Mills College in Oakland, California.

She was introduced to Schema therapy by Matthew McKay, PhD during her doctoral program at the Wright Institute. Jeffrey Young’s brilliant framework for understanding ourselves and others immediately resonated with her. She pursued a deeper understanding of schema therapy by attending three of Jeff’s intensive workshops. She began using schema therapy with her clients during her clinical training and witnessed the empowering effects of this important piece of self-knowledge.

In her clinical work, she has provided brief and long-term therapy for individuals and couples utilizing schema, cognitive, behavioral and mindfulness-based therapies to address interpersonal issues, weight management, anger, depression, anxiety, disabilities and trauma.

Michelle Skeen has written 4 Books and is a best selling and well respected author.





With Ann Daw

Adding More Profits For America’s Food and Wine Companies

Food And Wine Insider is a weekly inside look at the 1.5 trillion dollar industry touching every American.

Devoted to the business of purveying food and decanting wines, Food and Wine Radio is a unique program highlighting not food recipes or wine vintages but how to make a profit in these competitive but financially rewarding sectors.

Food And Wine Insider is all about better managing any business involving food and wines. Each week your co-hosts sit down with successful restauranteurs, food mavens, winery vintners, store owners, food suppliers, and other leaders in the worldwide industry that centers on foodstuffs and wines. In frank, give-and-take sessions, guests and panelist talk about the business of bringing healthy and pleasurable foods and wines to others.

Food And Wine Insider host is Ann Daw, former President of the Specialty Food Association. On each show, she invites leaders of the world’s culinary and wine industries to share the secrets of their success.

In short, while guests may share a recipe or two they focus on their success formulas. How they started? What obstacles faced and overcame? What are their plans for the future? What do customers expect from them?

Revealing the secrets of their success, guests help audience members realize complex problems can sometimes be made simple.






Every week "Aspects of Writing", Hosted by James Kelly, will bring you an informative look at every aspect of the writing industry. Guests on the show will share what inspired them to write. Together, we will explore the creative side of writing and how to format your work. We will discuss where to go for guidance regarding editing, printing and how to distribute your work. If you are a scriptwriter, we will examine what it takes to get your work into script format and expose your work to agents or producers.

Listeners of the show are encouraged to participate in the show by sending us your questions, or comments, via email, to be read on the air. We want your advice to share with others. We welcome your questions of how to proceed with your project. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned writer, or new to the writing industry and need guidance, or just someone with an idea and curious about what it takes to get started, we are here to help.

Have you ever had the desire to write, but don't know how to begin? It may be easier than you think. Do you have a finished work that may need editing, or you are unsure of what to do next? We will guide you on the path to getting it finished and ready for publication. Uncertain of where to go or whom to contact once your work is completed? Tune in and listen as we discuss the various aspects of what it takes to write, edit and publish your work. This show is designed to give the listener the necessary tools needed to accomplish your dreams as a writer, no matter what genre or level of writing you are trying to achieve. Whether publishing your memoir for friends and family, or dreaming of becoming an accomplished author, or simply want to fulfill your desire to write for television, movies, newspapers or magazines, tune in every Friday at 6:00 PM (PST) to, and we will offer guidance that may help you to achieve your goal of becoming a writer.





“Think Outrageous Radio Show with Kevin Short,” is all about improving your business, workplace culture and life experiences more than you ever thought possible! Challenging the status quo is a must, learn how to reject conventional wisdom regarding the value of your business. Join Kevin Short and discover where this unique journey may take you!

Kevin Short (St. Louis, MO) is the Managing Partner and CEO of Clayton Capital Partners, a leading middle market M&A advisory firm. Over the past 25 years, he has orchestrated over 150 purchase/sale transactions of mid-sized businesses with an aggregate value of more than $1 billion.

As an expert in mergers and acquisitions, he writes and speaks frequently on these topics to groups of business owners, advisers to business owners and academics.

Kevin is also the author of Sell Your Business for an Outrageous Price published by AMACOM. In 2015, the book received the Axiom Business Book Award Bronze Medal for Entrepreneurship.






We assist in branding & promoting your business, product , service or talent . We specialize in creating 1st time experiences for those just getting started & elevate those existing onto larger platforms.


We make it simple and financially tangible to position your brand onto media platforms such Television, radio, newsprint & online streams that instantly give you the credibility you need to be taken serious about whatever it is.


Within 48hrs of successful launch of your media campaign with RMH, your brand will go from your dining room table to the world!





James Miller | Lifeology is a 30 minute weekly inspirational radio show dedicated to teaching practical life lessons. The concept of Lifeology (study of life) asserts that there is always lesson to learn in life. We are all linked by our ability to express and feel emotions but the scenario in which it is experienced will be different for each person.

What sets Lifeology apart from other radio shows is James is licensed psychotherapist with years of experience. In each episode he teaches valuable tools and techniques that the listener can apply to their life. Each episode also features a guest who has had relevant life experiences in which it changed them or taught them a valuable lesson.


Tune in each week to learn how to simplify and transform your spirit, mind, and body.




On Transition Radio and Television Show with Ken D. Foster and Paula Shaw , we bring our listeners information, strategies and tools to move through life transitions smoothly while learning the life lessons along the way. Shows feature expert guests in the fields of Science, Wealth, Health, Love, Romance, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Personal Growth and Current topics, which empower our listeners to make wise choices and evolve their lives.

life-enhancing. We look forward to you joining us on Transition Radio Wednesday each week where we promise hot topics, engaging guests and always laughter and fun.





When a small publicly traded Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) listed
company needed a report on fair value to meet TSX requirements
they turned to Eric Jordan...

The niche we serve is Small Business Valuations with special expertise in understanding intangible assets that are often missed as they don't show up on the Balance Sheet. In addition to Financial Statements I take into account; processes, procedures, value of supply chain, value of distribution network, knowledge base of owner and employees, value of employees (cost of recruitment and training as a group,) value of client base, Internet presence and use, documentation and risk.

The Return on Investment is always my first and last consideration.





Pavlina Jaine Osta, born September 26, 1997 is recognized simply as “Pavlina” to celebrities in the know, booking agents and industry moguls alike. Recognized for her swift and fun interviewing style and flowing, deep chestnut waist-length hair, this engaging teen radio and talk show host has been landing her own interviews with the world’s notable superstars, athletes and newsmakers on and off the red carpet since the ripe young age of 11.

Seeking out all her interviews on her own, Pavlina’s extensive list of interviewees include entrepreneur visionaries such as Steven Forbes, popular music celebrities and musicians including Carly RaeJepsen, FUN, and The Wanted, along with professional athletes including the NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal , Vince Carter and broadcast legend Katie Couric. To date, Pavlina has completed over 250 celebrity interviews, which air Saturday mornings on Pavlina’s Kidz Place and are broadcast on her YouTube Channel, Pavlina’s Music.

Pavlina is a 2014 Gracie Award Winner!




The Total Education Network is the only educational network that airs shows seven days a week. The Total Education Network is heard in over 180 countries and has over 2 million listeners a week. The Total Education Network issyndicated on 100 plus stations. Here are some of the stations and markets the show is being played on: 1080 WWNL Pittsburgh, 1560 KLNG Omaha, 1050 WFAM Augusta, 1480 KIOU Shreveport, 1380 Kansas City, 1450 Chattanooga, 610 WVTJ Pensacola, 1250 WYYC York, 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, 107.5 FM Whaley UK, London, UK, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Canada, Detroit, Tampa, Mississippi, Oregon, Bethlehem, Lincoln, Baltimore, Orlando, Kingston, Jamaica, and, New Hampshire.

Some of the shows notable guests include: Jackie Martling, Xzibit , Liza Gibbons, Kool Rock, Andy Russell, Tom Matte, Swin Cash, Randall Cunningham, John Rich, Steven Jackson, Ryan Clark, George Hamilton, Denise Austin, Carl Banks, and Michael Lohan.



“Take the Lead Radio” with Dr. Diane Hamilton

Take the Lead Radio is a show that includes interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, authors, speakers, and other individuals who will inspire you to take the lead in your career and personal life.

The host of the show, Dr. Diane Hamilton, is an author, award-winning speaker, and professor, who has strong ties to top business leaders. Her experience as an MBA Program Chair for the Forbes School of Business, as well as her speaking engagements for top companies like Forbes, and her consulting career, has led to many connections; this affords listeners the opportunity to hear her interview some top names in the business world today. Dr. Hamilton’s education (which includes a Ph.D. in Business), her fascinating guests, and her playful personality are an engaging combination.

Dr. Hamilton is an expert in the area of emotional intelligence, workforce engagement, and generational conflict. She is the author of three books. Her most recent of which, It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality, includes timely advice for post-boomer generations to use personality assessment tools to communicate more effectively in the modern workplace.

Dr. Hamilton has used her decades of experience working in multiple industries to become a sought-after speaker and consultant. Topics on her show include leadership, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, employee engagement, workplace culture, generational conflict, communication, sales, social media, HR, marketing, entrepreneurship, and various other top business-related issues currently in the news. Guests include Forbes 30 under 30 Brightest Young Entrepreneurs, Time Magazine Top 100 Most Influential People in the World, top authors, renown billionaires, and award-winning social media experts.



RECALCULATING With Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella

Recalculating, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth is a best-selling book for small business leaders. For the past five years, Small Business Digest has been one of the most successful podcasts on the internet.

They are the precursors of RECALCULATING, a unique new weekly radio program drawing from the best-selling book and podcast and aimed at small business leaders. It will also feature two of America’s best known commentators and small business experts.

Its content and guests are drawn from the large, rich talent pool of contributors to the book and the most acclaimed podcast guests. In its expanded new media, a wider net of experts and entrepreneurs will provide exclusive actionable information audiences can use to add profits.

Launching at the beginning of President Trump’s efforts to “Make America Great Again” which is expected to stimulate an explosion of small business across America, “RECALCULATING” will be in the forefront of the blossoming environment serving millions of small businesses.

Hosts: Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella are nationally known commentators and experts in their own right, who are heard each month on numerous radio and television outlets across the nation.





Gutsy, thorough, hard-hitting news and analysis of the top stories from around the nation & around the world. The top names in politics, think tank, and opinion and news makers are our guests.

There 1,300 separate federal organizations that are a part of America’s national government. These entities have a more direct and personal impact on the daily lives of the citizenry than any elected official, court, or legislative body, through the rules and regulations they adopt.

There is a growing concern that regulations from these agencies have created an alternative and largely unaccountable system of governance, with an expense factor that is harming the national economy.

While the issue of adverse regulatory impact has been a flashpoint for decades, the increase of current and proposed federal agency activity and major rules or regulations related to them has brought a new emphasis on what many believe to be a roadblock to economic recovery and a rejection of the American ideal of participatory government.





Three Point View is a sports show that tackles everything current and even controversial in the sports world. Brandon, Brock and Clint will dive right into every topic with their own insightful and comedic style. At times it gets interesting when they don't see eye to eye, but that's what makes it a Three Point View!








There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from differentsides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting. But the conversation is always respectful and you’re sure to learn something new, even if you don’t agree!

If you’ve always wondered how the “other side” thinks and how they’ve arrived at their “stand”, then this is the show for you! It’s not the right side, it’s not the wrong side, but the REAL side of the issues!

Now Joe can be heard daily across the airwaves and over the internet on several stations.

He has loyal listeners in 42 states and 38 countries, and the list keeps growing!

Joe is a no-nonsense, conservative realist. He is not interested in “what if?” or “we could have!”






Iconici MMA is a media leader for coverage of the global Mixed Martial Arts industry.

Iconici MMA is becoming a mma media leader for coverage of the global Mixed Martial Arts industry. Our goal is to provide a worldwide perspective on the sport of mixed martial arts.






The AME TV show features interviews with celebrities and rising stars in the art and entertainment industry. We take you around to cool places to visit and give you a VIP look into them, and we feature great art and music that you will want to see and hear.



  The Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show WCLM1450AM in Central Virginia and WMXP 95.5 FM in Greenville ,SC streaming LIVE on Black Talk Radio Network and @ 2pm EDT. and on the AM/FM Broadcasting Network. Studio Lines will be open @ (804) 321 1010 or Text TANYA to 63975 to share your comment or opinion! Can’t listen Live? No problem! The podcast will be later tonight. Listen on the go.

Tanya also serves as Executive Producer and Host of The Tanya Free Experience "Destination Jazz" on WCLM 1450AM and Tanya Free and Friends Jazz Radio online at Tanya’s busy schedule includes being the featured columnist for the Heart and Soul of the City newspaper since its inception in 2009.

A Washington DC native, Tanya resides in Richmond Virginia and is an alumnus of Virginia State University.

Tanya lives by her motto to “Live Life With A Purpose”

On Air, Online and On Point!




My name is Pastor Greg Young and I do a syndicated Radio show called Chosen Generation which airs Monday thru Friday noon to 2 pm on WNJC 1360AM Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. Red State Talk Radio 7 to 9 AM EDT, 5 to 6 PM EDT and WKLAP 88.3 FM 5 to 7 PM EDT Monday thru Friday. Also right here on this ROKU channel.

I am now on WNJC 1360 AM Philadelphia doing Chosen Generation Monday thru Friday noon to 2 PM EDT live on Conservative Commandos Radio Network and on Red State Talk Radio same time, plus 5 pm EDT Mon thru Friday.

Some have said that Christians have no business being in politics. That Christianity does not belong in political conversation. They propose a separation of Church and State, and even go so far as to opin that there is no precedent for such intrusion by the “church”. I disagree. The bible teaches that Jesus confronted the religious leaders of His day. These men were not just religious leaders but they were governing the affairs of the people of Israel. Jesus challenged their moral standard, temple worship and their political power.

John 11:46 But some of them went their ways to the Pharisees, and told them what things Jesus had done . 47 Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said , What do we ? for this man doeth many miracles. 48 If we let him thus alone , all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.

Lets look at John the Baptist who called out the King on his affair with his brothers wife. For this he was beheaded. Each of the disciples, except Judas Iscariot, was put to death because of Rome’s belief that these men posed a direct threat to their political power and allegiance to the Caesar.





Fred Spouts Off is a weekly show that brings you current news, political analysis and opinions in a way that differs from any other political commentator.

Fred's perspective is unique but borders on the psychotic and insane. The show is peppered with sound bites, music and "corny" jokes.

This is a show that is enjoyed in all of the better insane asylums, mental hospitals and psychiatric wards. It is highly recommended for all idiots and cretins.

Claridge gives hope to mental patients everywhere that life can exist outside of an Institution.

A Prescription for Lithium ia a "MUST TAKE" Before Watching




Do you really want to be an actor/actress, but can't just jump-start your career? What should you do? How about making your own television show? Getting into the television industry is notoriously difficult.

You can be a "Star" and have your show featured and publicized on the AM/FM Broadcasting Network. You can host as many shows as you want per month at no additional cost.It's Easier Than You Think!





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