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Nearly 70 million Americans now listen to Internet radio, and millions more are listening around the world. join Arbitron recently asked Internet listeners ifthey were listening more or less to Internet radio, and an amazing 76%said they are listening more. Amfm247.com offers this rapidly growing Internet audience the highest quality talk programming, with hosts who are passionate about their shows and who have something to say.

If you've ever visited an amateur blog talk show site or a vanity talk show site, we think you'll find Amfm247.com a refreshing change! We are committed to top quality sound, passionate hosts, advanced technology, and intelligent site design. Amfm247 is an iHeart content provider.

Unlike any other Internet Talk Radio, Amfm247.com offers our hosts the powerful potential of BOTH Internet Radio Syndication AND over-the-air Radio Syndication. Our company specializes in radio syndication. The Station Simulcats the stream in 8 Am and FM markets Coast to Coast.




WKLAP Broadcasts a variety of Talk and Music programs 24/7. A sister Station to AMFM247, WKLAP offers entry level broadcasters an inexpensive way to start broadcasting at less that $100.00 per month.

Wklap is also simulcast at FM 88.3 in New Port Richey, Florida, a suburb of Tampa.



With 1,000 channels and counting, Roku players offer the widest selection of streaming entertainment to your TV,including Netflix, Cineplex Store, VEVO, Crackle, NHL GameCenter, and so much more!

The AMFM 24/7 Broadcasting Network offers its Great PUBLIC Roku Channel for free! There is no cost whatsoever to watch this fabulous annel. bWe are independtly ranked on Page 1 of "The Best Roku Channels".

Private Roku Channels are useless but PUBLIC CHANNELS like NETFLIX, AMAZON, HULU and AMFM247 (our Channel) are listed and promoted by ROKU in the MAIN ROKU CHANNEL DIRECTORY.

Our Stats show that EVERY WEEK about 5,000 NEW Roku Subscribers are adding our Channel to their television experience.



Your Publicity Company is a boutique PR firm that specializes in talk radio interviews for its clients. Talk Radio is a dynamic medium with an audience of actively engaged listeners. They tune in daily to hear what the host is talking about, often regarding him as an old friend and trusted advisor. That’s why the relationships that hosts have established with listeners constitute a strong third-party endorsement for their guests.

As a guest on talk radio, you speak directly to an audience that’s tuned in to hear you. Unlike the commercials, which cut into the entertainment, you are the entertainment. Radio show formats touch on every aspect of life, from finance to diet, to politics, lifestyles and sports.

The potential audience is huge. These shows are heard on both AM/FM dials in cities across America. Some are syndicated, which means they are air on more than one station.YPC is one of the fastest growing PR firms in the Country.



Moviedistribute.com offers independent movie producers who wish to stay independent a cost effective way to get their film viewed by millions of people. We want your movie on our Public Roku channel. Our Roku Channel is streamed from the same servers as Amazon and Netflix to maintain reliability.

By having your movie on our Roku channel your video will be viewed by millions of people. There are no long term contracts and you keep 100% rights to your movie. You’ll get the exposure your video deserves for the hard work you put into it. It also is a great add to your resume to help you land those big contracts with companies like Netflix and Hulu.

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