Amy Peikoff - "Don't Let It Go...Unheard"


Amy Peikoff

"Don't Let It Go...Unheard" is a weekly show discussing news, politics and culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism.


Amy Peikoff earned her BS in math/applied science and her JD at UCLA, where she served as an editor on the UCLA Law Review. After completing her law degree she went to USC, where she earned her PhD in philosophy. She has taught at Southwestern Law School, Chapman University School of Law, the United States Air Force Academy, University of North Carolina, and University of Texas. She has published academic articles on the right to privacy, Searleā€™s theory of rational action, and aspects of the novels of Ayn Rand.


She has also published several opinion pieces in leading newspapers and has appeared on Fox News, as well as in the documentary, Ayn Rand & The Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged. Her goal in her research is to find areas of the law or philosophy where her Objectivist perspective allows her to make a unique and valuable contribution. She is currently working on a book, Toward a Society of Privacy, which discusses the value of privacy for the virtuous life and the proper means of protecting it.