“Tuesday Talks with CaDori”




Conversations with countless women through the years fueled the mother of five’s passion to share that same message in her new book with other women who put their needs on the back burner to support others.


“I realized that regardless of whatever financial, racial or social background women are from, we all share some commonalities, of which putting others first in our lives the majority of the time, was definitely one,” said CaDori.


“I think one of the biggest mistakes that we women make is not including our own desires in the process. We oftentimes put everyone else’s wants and needs as a priority and we don’t even put ourselves on the list,” shared CaDori.


It is a selfless commitment the author believes comes at a high price.


“When we constantly fulfill our children, husband or partners, and even our jobs’ needs as primary most of the time, that puts us at risk for having health problems as time goes on. There are only so many hours in each day, so we have to prioritize each day and include ourselves,” said CaDori.


CaDori encourages women to reevaluate their day-to-day activities and the people that they include in their innermost circle, advice she has begun to take in her own life. “I have also placed myself at the top of the majority of my to-do lists the majority of the time. I now hold myself accountable for my own well-being both physically and mentally,” shared CaDori.


A registered nurse of 20 years, she has encountered hundreds of women who have shared that they have high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity caused by stress attributed to unbalanced schedules and relationships in their lives. She also has seen a number of women unfortunately lose their lives as a result of not taking care of themselves while taking care of everyone else.

lves while taking care of everyone else.