“Food And Wine Insider”

with Ann G. Daw





Adding More Profits For America’s Food and Wine Companies

Food And Wine Insider is a weekly inside look at the 1.5 trillion dollar industry touching every American.


Devoted to the business of purveying food and decanting wines, Food and Wine Radio is a unique program highlighting not food recipes or wine vintages but how to make a profit in these competitive but financially rewarding sectors.

Food And Wine Insider is all about better managing any business involving food and wines. Each week your co-hosts sit down with successful restauranteurs, food mavens, winery vintners, store owners, food suppliers, and other leaders in the worldwide industry that centers on foodstuffs and wines. In frank, give-and-take sessions, guests and panelist talk about the business of bringing healthy and pleasurable foods and wines to others.

Food And Wine Insider host is Ann Daw, former President of the Specialty Food Association. On each show, she invites leaders of the world’s culinary and wine industries to share the secrets of their success.

In short, while guests may share a recipe or two they focus on their success formulas. How they started? What obstacles faced and overcame? What are their plans for the future? What do customers expect from them?

Revealing the secrets of their success, guests help audience members realize complex problems can sometimes be made simple. They answers such questions as:

• How does a new product get on supermarket shelves?
• Where can the best loan rates be secured?
• What are the FDA regulations concerning this product?
• When should the search for a distributor begin?
• Why is it important to have a government inspection?

Focusing on these and thousands of others questions or concerns Food And Wine Insider focuses on how company founders, leaders, start-ups can be more successful in this vital sector.


About Ann G. Daw


A sitting board member of the AARP Foundation, Quaker Maid Meats, Inc (maker of Steak-Umm) and other organizations, Ann is an inspiring business leader demonstrating clear vision, developing and mentoring executives and c-suites, turning organizations and businesses around and executing her plans, programs and board strategies with precision. Ann has a penchant for creating growth by challenging paradigms, handling ambiguity and simplifying complexity. She builds teams and community by drawing the best out of people by listening and appreciating diversity of thought. A savvy marketer, she has a proven track record of creating and leveraging the positioning and essence of established brands and launching new brands.


Ann’s experiences are diverse. Successfully growing and leading a not-for-profit trade association (reporting to its elected Board of Directors), to leading for-profit businesses with full P&L control and solid line reporting relationships with all functions - from start-ups to complex portfolios with fifty global manufacturing facilities, domestically and internationally - she has guided all to year-over-year solid growth in top-line results, EBIT, and additionally with a not-for-profit, membership retention and acquisition.


Most recently at the Specialty Food Association where she reported to the Board of Directors, she grew the membership by 30% on a base that had been stagnant, expanded the association’s shows (The Fancy Food Shows) significantly, increased the net assets five-fold, established a Foundation, put in place proper governance of the business, and inspired a staff towards a culture of innovation, accountability and collaboration. A former Board Chairman said it best: "Before you came along, all I cared about was being in the Fancy Food Show (which the SFA owns and operates). You made me and the membership care about the Association."

Prior to joining the Specialty Food Association, Ms. Daw was with Kraft Foods as Senior Vice President of Business and Marketing Development in the International Division and VP of Global Marketing Resources and Initiatives. She previously headed Strategic Planning for Phillip Morris International and led Marketing and Sales for the Asia Pacific Division of the company out of Hong Kong.


Ann is particularly passionate about causes having to do with children, health and hunger. She coached and umpired Little League baseball for 13 years and was the President of the Elmsford Little League. Her husband and she have established a Foundation in their son's name, giving cross country camp scholarships to students from Division One schools in Westchester and Putnam Counties, and through the Specialty Food Association convinced the Board to create the Specialty Food Foundation to break the cycle of hunger and improve food recovery. Ann is active in her church and is as Chair of the Parish Council and sits on the steering committee for the building of a new hall for the children of her parish. She is an active mentor to a number of start-ups across many fields.