RECALCULATING For Small Business





Recalculating, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth is a best-selling book for small business leaders. For the past five years, Small Business Digest has been one of the most successful podcasts on the internet.


They are the precursors of RECALCULATING, a unique new weekly radio program drawing from the best-selling book and podcast and aimed at small business leaders. It will also feature two of America’s best known commentators and small business experts.


Its content and guests are drawn from the large, rich talent pool of contributors to the book and the most acclaimed podcast guests. In its expanded new media, a wider net of experts and entrepreneurs will provide exclusive actionable information audiences can use to add profits.

Launching at the beginning of President Trump’s efforts to “Make America Great Again” which is expected to stimulate an explosion of small business across America, “RECALCULATING” will be in the forefront of the blossoming environment serving millions of small businesses.

Hosts: Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella are nationally known commentators and experts in their own right, who are heard each month on numerous radio and television outlets across the nation.


Dan Perkins started his career in the Financial Service Industry with Nationwide Insurance Company of Columbus Ohio, in 1970. In 1973 Dan became an account executive in the Columbus Ohio Branch of Merrill Lynch. He left production in 1979 to move to New York, to become a product manager.

In 1982 he left Merrill Lynch and became vice president in charge of product development for Integrated Resources, Inc. a financial services development company.

In 1989 he founded Pinnacle Sales and Marketing, Inc. an investment product development and consulting company, his clients have included Nationwide Insurance, Citibank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Fidelity Investments, just to name a few. Over the ensuing years Dan has focused more of his attention on his private money-management business Daniel M. Perkins, RIA, LLC where he enjoys helping people secure their future by bringing to them his many years of experience in investing on a global basis. In addition to his money management business he is found time to be involved in many philanthropic enterprises. The most recent enterprise is the foundation that he and his wife Gerri founded in 2014, called Songs and Stories for Soldiers, Inc. This 501C(3) nonprofit as already served over 10,000 soldiers and veterans in 53 VA and active duty hospitals across the United States in just over 24 months. The website,, that provides 3,000,000 songs, 100,000 audio book, and 30,000 old time radio show for free is getting over 35,000 hits per month.

Dan is a current events commentator who writes for, The,,, The and and appears on radio and TV across the nation. He is the author of a trilogy on Radical Islamic Nuclear Terrorism against the United States called the Brother of the Red Nile and also writes children’s books.


Donald P. Mazzella is a lifelong journalist, current radio, television commentator and head of a multi-media communications company. For the past five years he has hosted Small Business Digest podcasts. As a journalist he has covered some of the great events of the past decades. He has held senior level positions at McGraw-Hill, Essence, and Thomson Reuters. His current company, Information Strategies, Inc. serves the small business, healthcare, and HR sectors. His most recent book is An American Family Sampler. He sits on the boards of a non-profit medical marijuana dispensary and the National Robotics Education Foundation. He holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from New York University.