America off the Rails with Ricky Robinson





America off the Rails is hosted by nationally syndicated talk show host Rick Robinson.


Rick is a common every day man who never dreamed he would become any type of public figure. He uses logic and research to inform and entertain listeners everywhere. He grew up in a very liberal family and was often considered the odd ball, he has been a conservative for as long as he can remember and feels in his heart conservatism works every time it's tried.


The show focuses on the fact that America seems to be going off track and it gets worse every day. With a mixture of news, events, opinions, guests and access to large political events; Rick makes his case daily on why it's time to get up, get off the couch, put down the remote, and get involved.

We, the American People, need to remember that the government is supposed to work for us not the other way around. We must work together to not only remind America that each of us holds the keys to our destiny but also that we must come together as a nation soon, if we wait too much longer it may just be impossible to keep this great nation from coming off the rails.


The show airs Mon-Fri on varying times through multiple outlets. It can also be found on I-Heart Radio, Soundcloud, Spreaker, and Stitcher for your on demand listening pleasure.