The SNP Show


Iconici MMA Presents: The SNP Show with Syn Dee & Poetrynmotion is on Yahoo! Sports Radio Colorado Springs| Thursday at 8pm & Saturday at 2pm. Lock it in & listen as they talk all things MMA.



Iconici MMA is a media leader for coverage of the global Mixed Martial Arts industry.

Iconici MMA is becoming a mma media leader for coverage of the global Mixed Martial Arts industry. Our goal is to provide a worldwide perspective on the sport of mixed martial arts.


While visting our website you can listen to the latest mma news weekly and mma interviews on our syndicated chanels Iconici MMA and The Snp Show. For our mma fanatics you can shop your favorite MMA apparel whether if you are looking for MMA Tees, or MMA training equipment we have several MMA apparel affiliates to choose from.


On Iconici MMA our knowledgeable MMA female hosts Syndee, and Laura Kelley make our MMA brand different from any other by bringing in a different perspective into the sport of MMA. They ask they questions other male hosts may not feel comfortable asking and show a different side to the male and female MMA fighter.


Make sure to catch new episodes of Iconici MMA our MMA interviews are very entertaining and often we feature top mma fighters during our interviews. Once a month we feature a MMA move of the week segement where mma fighters and coaches demonstrate proper MMA techniques or their favorite mma move.


The SnP Show broadcasts every Thursday at 7pm Mst and Saturday at 2pm Mst live. The show is hosted by Syndee and Poetrynmotion. Syndee brings her unique boisterous female view on this quickly growing sport of MMA, her Co host Poetrynmotion adds a male perspective on MMA which makes our MMA radio talk show different from all the rest out there.


On our MMA radio show we feature MMA interviews with top MMA fighters, coaches and mma promotions, along with providing UFC news, weekly MMA news highlights and more. The SnP Show not only ask the questions everyone wants to know but we keep our radio show entertaining and knowledgeable for the beginning MMA fan all the way to the hardcore fanatic.