“Fraudsters Radio Show”



Storm Bradford and Laurie Z







Fraudsters Radio Show Exposes scammers


and fraudsters everywhere in every


industry...LIVE and IN PERSON!



Storm Bradford a well-known civil/criminal litigation consultant, considered a leading authority in annulling indictments, founded a litigation support company decades ago to help attorneys win cases. http://LawPartnerOnCall.com.


Storm Bradford is also considered a leading authority in foreclosure offense/defense strategies. He created Mortgage Fraud Examiners out of the litigation support company to help homeowners and their lawyers to eliminate their foreclosure problems, while also exposing the scams and scammers that rip off homeowners with useless foreclosure rescue schemes and arguments. http://www.mortgagefraudexaminers.com.


Storm Bradford founded Mortgage Note & Portfolio Examiners. This company examines mortgage notes that are sold to pension funds, hedge funds and other investors by the major banks, and entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. http://www.noteexaminers.com.




Laurie Z brings her expertise to this Show. She is a


nationally syndicated radio host, consumer advocate and head of


Credit Education Consultants


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Tune in - Fraudsters Identified Live in Each Show