How to Get Advertisers and Sponsors for My Radio Show


To get advertisers for your radio show or podcast you need to "think like a sponsor"


Start by reviewing your radio show or podcast to determine your ideal advertisers. What sponsors would be most interested in the kinds of people who make up your audience?


If you have a specialty, genre, or topic area that your podcast or radio show regularly features, those are natural places to look for potential advertisers. You can also look on websites, blogs, and even in print magazines that cover your favorite topics to see who advertises there.


Remember, sponsors are only interested in being associated with programming that reflects positively on their brand.


Create Your Radio Advertising Package or Podcast Sponsorship Page

You need to be specific about the kinds of advertising and sponsorship opportunities you are offering.


If you will include three 60 second audio spots in a one hour show for $50 then you need to say that, for example.


Some sponsorship features you could consider offering to get advertisers for your radio show or podcast include:


Audio only pre-recorded advertisements provided by the sponsor
Audio-only live reads that you or your co-hosts read during the radio show or podcast
Banner ads on your web site or blog
Ads in your own show email newsletter
Product reviews of sponsor products
Contests and giveaways with prizes sponsored by an advertiser
Create specific show "segments" that are "brought to you by" an advertiser


Tip: Point out the additional value of your archived episodes if you are a podcaster, too.


Those later replays can add up to additional advertising for your sponsors!


Sponsorship Advertising Packages for Your Show

Combinations of your selected advertising and sponsorship opportunities can be used to create "Sponsorship Packages" customized to help you get advertisers and sponsors for your show.


If you are looking to get sponsors for your radio show or podcast, you'll need to let people know this.


Explain the benefits of advertising on your radio show and post the rates for advertising on your podcast or radio show publicly on your website.  Discuss your sponsors during your show, tweet about them, and post about them on Facebook or your blog, too.


Be sure also to make it easy for new sponsors to contact you if they are interested in advertising.





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