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A sponsor compared to an Advertiser gives more while requiring less. They generally make riskier marketing moves. They are not as results oriented. They sponsor you because they like you, or your mission, and they want to support you in some way. Making money is secondary (per say). You can probably negotiate better "terms". They are like your seed investors in a start-up enterprise, giving you money out of the goodness of their own heart, to see you succeed.


Get as many as you can, each contributing something to the overall picture, even if it's just a small amount. The more sponsors you get, the easier it will be to find advertisers, or more sponsors, as you roll along. You could charge as little as $50 a month, or $20 a show, and ask them to sponsor you for 3 to 6 months. At this level, the amount is rarely a concern. Start small and get five or six. Then double the amount! Then do it again!


Advertisers want real data on performance and market size; they seek data providing numbers and facts. If you consider a pay for click event can cost $1-$7.00 on Google, without any guarantees of a purchase or even a person staying longer than one second on your website, and you consider what a marketer should pay to have just one person actually hear their advertisement for 30 seconds (in a target market), what would you charge, ten dollars or ten cents? If you consider no less than 1,000 people over a month probably hear that 30 second advertisement, what's it worth. Add to that understanding, that our system provides dozens of other ways to help market your sponsors and advertisers, in fantastic and valuable ways, you might think charging $50 a month is far too low (and it probably is)!


Finding Sponsors can be an adventure. Start by going through your contact connections, which you find on your phone, Rolodex, social sites, or on some paper stuck to the fridge. Start with the people you know, even family members, so you feel less pressure and gain a little practice. People to approach include:


- Family, friends, neighbors


- Employers and associates


- Local business owners; gas stations, food marts, mini-marts, bowling alleys, local unions, local business entrepreneurs, real estate agents, etc. Seek out businesses that have a symbiotic fit with your show theme. Interview them as experts on your show, and create a relationship. Advertisers seek harmony, they love fitting their brand of products and services in with something that is harmonious to what they offer!


- PR agencies and promoters often have many authors, actors, singers, etc they want to publicize.


- Online magazines, e-zines and newsletters cross promotions, including working with Internet marketing platforms, forums and businesses, including other talk shows.


- Social networks like LinkedIn help people obtain new leads and gain access to various groups that are connected, even to advertisers and sponsor.


- Google Adwords can also be used to obtain quality sponsor and/or advertiser leads.

Research, because it never hurts to do a little search and discovery. Locate broadcasters and podcasters in the same genre as you, and check them out, their program profile pages, their sponsors and advertisers, their podcasts, syndicated episodes, web pages, social networks, personal sites and so on, and see what they did, how they did it, and get some ideas! Get a feel for the landscape! Learn by poking around a little! Think outside the box. Really get creative with your efforts.


What they want to know is that you are treating them with preferential treatment, that they are getting always more than they paid for, that you will spread their news far and wide... across the seas. They want to know you are doing everything possible to market and syndicate them on a grand scale. They want to be assured you know what you're doing and can actually market them effectively! What would you want to hear if you were being asked to sponsor a friend's show? What would you need to hear to give the friend $50 a month? Figure that out, and then go for it!

Get endorsements (as many as you can) from previous sponsors and advertisers, and put them on display. And build a media kit, then offer it as a PDF/DOC download.


The real trick is doing the legwork and getting creative! You can't succeed unless you try!





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