Enable the AMFM247 SKILL here


Here is how you can listen to AMFM247 on your Amazon Echo or Dot


1.) Click the Amazon link below to ENABLE the AMFM247 SKILL. This is a 1 time step.


2.) Once the AMFM247 SKILL is enabled anytime you want to listen to AMFM247 on your Amazon Echo or Dot just say, Alexa Play AMFM Twenty Four Seven.


3.) You will then hear our Welcome Greeting and be guided to hear the LIVE STREAM.


1.) Click the Amazon link below to Enable the AMFM247 SKILL. This is a 1 time step.


It has been clear for several years now that Amazon has been dominating the smart speaker market with its voice assistant Alexa, with the AI having successfully made the jump from their own Echo line of speakers to a wide range of third-party devices. Now Amazon has revealed how many products with built-in Alexa it has sold:


more than 100 million


As clock radios, stereos and Walkmans disappear, The Amazon Echo has given new hope to programmers for bringing local radio back into the listener home. While screen-driven smartphones and tablets have proven well-suited to the endless exploration. Amazon enabled, smart speakers seem perfectly suited to radio:

  • Because they are powered by voice-commands, listeners have to know what they want to hear and how to ask for it. In theory, that gives strong local radio brands a head start. There is not a screen filled with endless competing choices.


        • Since they are designed to play in the background while users do other things, smart speakers also seemingly pair perfectly with the radio hands-off, hassle free approach to providing listeners a personalized soundtrack.


Amazon has announced Echo Auto, an in-car accessory that allows you to integrate Alexa into your car.




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