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Hi, I'm Abhi! I help business owners and accredited investors who want to get into real estate investing but don't know where to start. You may know someone like this or this may describe you! You may have ready and available funds to put to work in profitable real estate deals, but are frustrated because you're unsure who to trust or how to identify a strategy that's best to maximize returns and build long-term wealth. With years of hands on experience and my vast network of real estate contacts, I provide the solutions you're looking for. How can I help you launch into action?


Catch me here: 1. Daily, nationally syndicated radio show on the Wall Street Radio Network (Think Realty Radio) 2. Daily, LIVE Atlanta-based radio show (The Abhi Golhar Show on biz1190-WAFS Atlanta) 3. The Abhi Golhar Weekly YouTube Show (youtube.com/abhigolhar) Quick two notes about what I do: ► ACTIVELY, I INVEST IN REAL ESTATE Single-family renovation, new construction, and development and multi-family apartments.


I work with accredited investors on a daily basis and provide strategies that build long-term wealth and provide excellent returns. ► PASSIVELY, I INVEST IN REVENUE GENERATING SMALL BUSINESSES Contact me if you: • Want to join my lender network to capitalize on profitable real estate opportunities • Interested in partnering on a real estate deal • Have a real estate deal to pitch (residential or multi-family). • Want to learn the basics of investing in real estate • Looking for funding for your real estate deal • Have a question about real estate investing • Need help on a deal and would like to schedule a 15-minute call with me •


Currently own or launching a real estate business and need help growing it ► MY CONTACT INFO Email me at abhi@abhigolhar.com or visit AbhiGolhar.com. You can also find me on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @AbhiGolhar. I'd love to hear from you.