with Don Mazzella




About The World


There is an old adage: The world would be a dull place without people.


As exciting today’s events are, many of the most important happenings go unremarked.

About the World seeks to highlight, people, discoveries, trends not fully covered by mass media.

About The World guests will talk about subjects as diverse as a new toilet seat that measure cardiac activities; long term effects of marijuana on young adults; leadership secrets of the top .01%; strategies for teen-parent communications; the gig economy; incontinence; learning toys; and more.

Equally as important, About The World will seek to identify new products, services, personalities ahead of mainstream media. In the past, its guests have included many now famous luminaries.

The host is Don Mazzella, international correspondent, radio host, author, and educator. Join him for an hour of entertainment and education from guests demonstrating just how interesting this world can be.



Don Mazzella