The Driven Entrepreneur

with Matt Brauning


Powerhouse Millennials"


About Matt Brauning


Matt speaks and runs seminars all over the world training coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses while making a massive impact with their work. Matt captivates all types of audiences with an honest, hilarious, and exciting look into how our lives really work.

He founded Evolution in 2006 as a way to make an impact in the world through personal development and education. He also is still very active in the day-to-day operations of the company, speaks at most of the company's live events, and is responsible for new content creation like our virtual masterclasses, and new live workshops.


Matt has been trained by Anthony Robbins in his exclusive "Platinum Partnership group, filmed in the hit movie “The Journey” with Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, and consults with fortune 100 companies. His client list includes US Bank, The YMCA, John McAfee of McAfee Antivirus, Project Management Institute (PMI), and New York Life, among others.


As an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and Master Trainer of NLP, Matt is a leader in the field of business development, and human potential. Matt is an avid rock climber, motorcycle rider, and church pastor. He lives in Orange County with his amazing wife Lola and awesome son Valiant.