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with L. L. Mercer, JR



Crime solving expert government platform.


U.S. Army College "BID" candidate Lee L. Mercer, Jr. for President.


A White Flag Campaign, too.



ABOUT L. L. Mercer, JR.


Lee L. Mercer, Jr. is a candidate for President as a democrat in 2020. His Campaign Committee name is MERCER FOR PRESIDENT. Lee L. Mercer, Jr. is a negro who lives in Houston, Texas. He has U. S. education first grade to doctorates degrees in intelligence University of Texas in Arlington, Texas Army Intelligence ROTC Graduate School of Business. He has been trained to be President of the United States by the U. S. Army in the University of Texas Army ROTC. He has 25 years of U.S. Army Political Official experience in the U.S. Army FBI Congress Crime Solving complicated issues and facts.