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Johanna Sparrow





About Johanna Sparrow


When the struggles of life seem like too much, it is difficult knowing what direction to take. From time to time, everyone needs assistance. Whether you are dealing with a personal crisis or issues with your significant other, you deserve to receive the help that will put you back on the right track. This is where Johanna Sparrow comes in.


As a prominent self-help author and relationship expert, her personalized consultations will provide you with peace of mind. Combining valuable knowledge from her own life experiences and her passion for humankind, she provides life coaching services to individuals across the nation. Rest assured that she will give you the advice you've been looking for.


Johanna Sparrow - Becoming an Author


Antoinette M. Watkins writes under the pen name Johanna Sparrow and has been writing for over 21 years. She has published a variety of writings ranging from self-help books to children's stories. In these books, she tackles dealing with personal growth, relationships, conflict issues, and much more. She has used her expertise, knowledge, and experience to create a personal system that she has used since 1995. The "Heart Bruised Conscious Connection Renewal" (HBCRR) system helps in strengthening relationships.

The HBCRR System


In 2015, Johanna Sparrow released her powerful and inspiring HBCCR for the rest of the world. With this, she hopes that we can all find a similar goal or common ground within our daily connections. To prepare for this release, she has diligently researched human-to-human connections as well as human-to-nature connections. Her findings concluded how understanding one's connections and disconnections are the essential life-law. This governs over love, happiness, tragedy, and guides us in becoming the greatest or worst creation to ever exist.