"Between Science and Ignorance there is Filler"

Wes Forsythe

  Wes Forsythe is a ghost hunter, paranormal researcher, and aspiring "light worker" from central Kentucky. He got his start in the paranormal field investigating the Rohs Opera House in his home town, Cynthiana. In the midst of collecting technical data and audio and video evidence at that location he experimented with dowsing rods and discovered that he was able to create a strong connection to the spirit world with them.

As he researched the phenomena he was encountering, he started attracting the attention of psychics that told him he had certain "gifts" that he has only begun to explore. These revelations sparked a strong interest in the spiritual side of the field that he strives to balance with his technical knowledge.

His interest in learning about the paranormal manifested into Paranormal Filler, a weekly internet radio show. On the show he tries to have fun while encompassing a wide range of topics and viewpoints. His guests regularly include paranormal investigators, psychics, energy workers, authors, and celebrities.

Much of his past findings from the Rohs are prominently featured yearly in the popular Cynthiana Ghost Walk and his general collection of work is displayed at www.iHuntGhosts.com.