Why Is AMFM247 Better Than Any Other Station




Most Internet Stations use a Streaming Service.

These Services have as many as 400 Stations on one Server. All Stations are sharing Bandwidth. That's why there is down-time and most are unreliable!


At AMFM247.com, we Operate Our Own Server, It is NOT Shared with any other Station.

We use an Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 Server with 2TB Hard Drive.

44.736 Mbps Unmetered - Fully Dedicated/Up to 3,240TB monthly bandwidth

We DO NOT keep our Server in our Office; that is just too risky!

A Fire, a Flood or ANY natural or man made disaster could take it Down!

Plus, we could NOT get the Bandwith needed to Stream a large volume from a business office Internet Connection. Doing that would be just plain Stupid!

Our Server is in the following facility


The Phoenix datacenter in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the most state-of-the-art facilities around. It has concurrently maintainable power and cooling systems, bullet-resistant glass, and 21 diverse network carriers making Phoenix one of the top datacenters.



SOC 2 Security Audited Facility.


PCI DSS Validated Service Facility


PCI DSS Validated Service Facility


Ambient and cool isle cooling systems,


onsite thermal storage tanks with 150,000


gallons of make-up water on site.


24/7/365 network operations staff ensures the safety and reliability of the AMFM247 Broadcasting Network.
Multiple electrical substations feed the Network Operations Center which also provides uninterruptible power supplies, back-up generators, and battery operation capability.





4553 Grand Blvd, 2nd Floor
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Phone Phone: (800) 746-8603

Phone UK: 020 3002 3857
Fax Fax: (800) 291-4555
WWW Link Website: www.amfm247.com
Email Email:info@amfm247.com