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Station Manager

Jason Dowd



Jason Dowd has over 18 years experience in the art/music industry which includes production, video production, still photography, artistic photography and music production. In 2008 he was subcontracted to photograph the historic Tampa campaign visit of then Sen. Barack Obama when Florida's primaries were disqualified. He performed video work for several bands in the Tampa Bay area having several of the music videos he's produced go viral. He was a videographer for the CrueFest 2 tour which features the band Motley Crue. Jason is an internationally exhibiting artist who's collections have been on display around the world and coast to coast in the U.S.


He hosts his own nationally syndicated "AME Radio Show" where he's interviewed some of the top celebrities in the entertainment/music field. A top television network asked him to accompany them to the red carpet movie premier of "The Little Mermaid" in August 2018. His AME Radio Show was the very first radio interview of now vocal sensation and America's Got Talent runner up Jackie Evancho and Disney Channel's "Stuck In the Middle" star Lulu Lambros. Now he brings his talents to the network boards at AMFM247 where he works to ensure quality and punctuality all of their hosts, including some top rated, nationally recognized radio shows. It's a labor of love for which he's honored to work with some of the nation's top radio hosts and shows and make AMFM247 Broadcasting Network the best network in the industry.

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Executive VP

Nicole Chidester



Nicole Chidester is an established marketing and sales professional. She's worked for over 10 years driving sales to Fortune 500 companies and quickly became a valuable asset for these corporations.


Her caring personality makes her a called upon request by customers. She looks out for our customers needs like no other.


She heads up Your Publicity Company, a wholly owned division of the AMFM247 Broadcasting Network.For Years, Nicole has been successfully booking guests for Radio and Television appearances. She is the foremost expert as a booking agent with a near 100% success ratio

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Vice President

Fred Claridge



Fred Claridge is the former president of 2 mortgage companies in Los Angeles, California. A former California licensed real estate broker, Claridge served as business development officer and Vice President Loan Officer for Union Bank, California; American City Bank; Imperial Bank and Lloyd's Bank, California. He was a former Director and Chairman of ICAN Associates, the Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect in Los Angeles.


In the 1970s Fred Claridge served as Advisor and Consultant to Al Lapin, Jr., CEO of International Industries. Claridge was instrumental in the franchising of their International House of Pancakes.


Fred is the CEO and Director of CSGA, the Certified Senior Guidance Association.



Stuart Vener - CEO AM/FM 247 Broadcasting Network, Inc.


As the financial backer and CEO of the AM/FM 247 Broadcasting Network, Inc., his team is creating a network of coast to coast terrestrial AM and FM Stations combined with streaming Internet Radio. The Network is also an iHeart partner.


He has a varied and extensive career in business, finance and real estate related activities. For 16 years, he owned one of the largest mortgage companies in Los Angeles County. His real estate ventures date back to the 1960s.


He developed a shopping and family entertainment center in the Orange County vicinity that often drew larger crowds than Disneyland.


He was financial advisor and consultant to Noah Dietrich, the partner of Howard Hughes, and was personally involved in the acquisition, development and disposition of over 1,400 homes.


Vener holds a PHD in Business Administration and was a financial consultant to Morris Shenker, CEO of the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. He arranged casino financing in Las Vegas and New Jersey utilizing offshore investment sources.


Stuart Vener is one of America's most knowledgeable real estate investors/consultants. He provides expert information as a guest on radio shows throughout the Country, and regularly appears on Fox News and CNN.


Former President and CEO of the Richmond Corporation and Former Director and CFO of Transcontinental Development Corp., Mr. Vener is a paid consultant available to many Fortune 500 Companies.


Stuart Vener is an expert witness, available for testimony in all cases of finance, real estate and mortgage matters, including but not limited to issues relating to mortgage fraud. His services can be contracted by calling:



Stuart Vener is a Director of Community Housing and Development Corp., a charity that was responsible for providing over $100 million in down payment gifts for homebuyers between 1998 and 2008.