Reasons to Become a VIP Podcaster on AMFM247


Become a globally syndicated podcaster on the AMFM247 Broadcasting Network and syndicate your own audio files, and all your attached episode information, to a global market. Our system is extremely powerful and effective! It has the ability to make your information search engine lovable! Once your information is entered, your podcasting data becomes highly relevant and search engine preferred due to meta-tagging and coding properties, which ultimately makes your information highly visible! Our system sends your information almost everywhere, instantly and automatically.


We do not advertise during your on-demand podcasts! No advertisements or commercials are added to any of your audio productions. We don't tag your audio files with code! We don't add sound files to the beginning or end of your podcasts. We don't physically add audio sounds to your podcasts! All other networks we know of, want to promote themselves so badly, they will literally add sound files (commercials and advertisements) to your audio podcasts, which later requires editing services to remove! They will also run commercials and network liners to your Podcasts. We don't! They will also use code to insert commercials and network liners! They will even tag your show with hidden code to reflect their ownership of your materials! We won't! You will love the way we do business! (Unmolested Podcasts!)


Your main Program Banner will be created free of charge by our graphics department if you don't have one for you show. Just send us any images or ideas you wish us to incorporate into the design and we'll take it from there.


You will Have your own Professional Landing Page on and Your Podcast will be included in the Network's Drop-Down Menu. Your Banner will be added to the Network's Rotating Banner.


Your Podcast will be Available on:

The AMFM247 Award Winning Podcast Page
Podcasted on ClearChannel's iHeart Radio
Podcasted in iTunes
Included on over 7 Additional Podcast Services



Unlimited Number of Podcasts - Archived Forever


$150.00 Per Month - No Contract


We are professional audio editors and can edit your audio productions for a reasonable price of $19.00 per audio file. Most audio files are less than one hour in length. Turn-around time is usually very fast, within hours!

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